Silent’s Gems Mods for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.10.2

Silent’s Gems Mods 1.11.2/1.10.2 is an excellent mod that adds tons of new content to Minecraft. There are 12 new types of gemstone featuring in this mod.

Version SilentsGems-1.11.x-2.3.4-153.jar
Release Type Release
Manager SilentChaos512
Created May 9, 2014
Update Apr 1, 2017
Support 1.11.2

But each type can be used in many applications in the game like crafting new equipment or weapons. Silent’s Gem requires Silent Lib installed as well as Java 8 environment to run smoothly.

Silent’s Gems Crafting Recipe:

Silent’s Gems Mod for Minecraft 3


The name Silent’s Gem can be misleading, as this mod offers more than just a few gemstones.  New Teleport system allowing the player to travel anywhere with a Teleport Linker Staff. The Return Home Charm sends you back to a previously marked Teleport Block. A Torch Bandolier that can hold a thousand torches at the same time. The player can also summon a dog/cat for your company without having to waste time catching them.

The mod also introduces a new enchantment method: the Enchant Token. Once combine it with any tools, the player will receive an Enchanted Tools immediately without having to rely on luck to get an acceptable enchants. Silent’s Gem will free player from the hell of EXP grinding for upgrading tools. Now all you have to do is to craft Enchant Tokens using readily available materials and fuse those tokens to your equipment.  There are several new types of enchanting added like Mending – allow the item to fix itself, Life Steal – heal player based on damage dealt, Lumberjack – cut down trees in a single hit and Area Miner – upgrade pickaxe to increase the number of blocks can be dig.

This mod now supports Minecraft version: 1.10.2, 1.11.2.

How to install:

  1. Download Forge Installer, SilentsGems-1.11.x-2.3.4-153.jar file.
  2. Right click Forge Installer, Run as Administrator and press OK to install Forge. (You can skip this step if you’ve installed Minecraft Forge)
  3. Open Start on desktop > Open Run (Or you can use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut)
  4. Type %appdata% into Run and press enter.
  5. Go to folder /.minecraft/mods
  6. Put jar file of the mod you have downloaded into mods folder and then run Minecraft. Done!

Download links for Silent’s Gems Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2

File Name Status Game Version Date
SilentsGems-1.11.x-2.3.6-159.jar Release 1.11.2 Apr 1, 2017
SilentsGems-1.10.2-2.2.5-103.jar Release 1.10.2 Jan 11, 2017
SilentsGems-1.11-2.2.3-100.jar Release 1.11 Jan 2, 2017

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