Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon

Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon

File Name : Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.12
Manager : Agape
Date Create: 11/09/2019
Date Update: 19/09/2019
File size: 178.42 KB

This addon combines two of my favorite games and adds many of the collectible items from Stardew Valley.  Fish, minerals, and artifacts can be found in different aspects of exploring the world.  If you get too many duplicates, try “selling” them to the stonecutter, which has been replaced by the shipping bin.  You can spend the coins you acquire on floor and wall blocks also found in the game, or emeralds and diamonds if you have an excess amount.

Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon 1

Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon 2

Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon 3

As limitations are fixed in future Bedrock editions, I will be sure to update with more aspects of Stardew Valley.  For example I had to cut out some of the items since the large amount caused issues, and I could not get geodes to spawn in a natural way. I would also love to add crops and cooking!

Most textures used are ported, but a few are modified slightly so I could use in the addon.  All assets used from the game belong to the maker of Stardew Valley, ConcernedApe.

Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon 4

31 artifacts can be found from generated treasure chests in your world.  Dungeons, sunken ships, and temples will have to be explored to find them all.

Stardew Valley Collectibles Addon 5

49 fish can be found by normal fishing in the game.  Each catch has a small chance to give you a Stardew Valley fish.

40 minerals can be found by breaking geodes.  Currently you can only get geodes by “selling” obsidian blocks to the stonecutter.  A future update should give me some ideas to make this more fun.

I recommend to use this mod in a new world, so that the artifacts will properly generate.  Also don’t forget to enable Experimental Mode.

  1. Added 11 new blocks available for purchasing from wandering trader.
  2. Fixed a missing item trade with the shipping box.
  3. Increased to 3 slots in wandering trader window to purchase blocks.


To use this addon:

1.  Open the addon file which will launch Minecraft.

2.  Add the new resource and behavior packs to your world.

3.  Enable [Use Experimental Gameplay] in Game settings.

4.  Finally start your world.

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