StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 1

StickSword Add-on (1.13+)

File Name : StickSword Add-on (1.13+)
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Foxuk
Date Create: 28/07/2019
Date Update: 16/09/2019
File size: 12.85 KB

If you have ever been bored and have absolutely nothing to do, then this add-on is just for you!

What is this add-on? Sword of 13123 sticks! Have you ever seen something like that? Me not. Let’s check if you can craft this sword! Do you have the patience to do it ?!


Double stick: StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 2

StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 3

Triple stick:StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 4

StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 5

Quad stick:StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 6StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 7

Fivefold stick:StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 8StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 9

StickSword:StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 10StickSword Add-on (1.13+) 11

Minecraft ID’s:

ss:s0 – double stick (stick x2);
ss:s1 – triple stick (stick x3);
ss:s2 – quad stick (stick x4);
ss:s3 – fivefold stick (stick x5);
ss:stick_sword – StickSword

Use: /give 

Example: /give Foxuk ss:s3 64

StickSword damage: 5 hearts (10 hp)

The total amount of crafting sticks: 13123. To make it you need to really try. Do you have enough patience and nerves to make it? Well, let’s see!

This add-on is just for fun! It does not bring global change!

At the request of the administration and for convenience, the resolution of the images in the description was raised.

Zip archive and .mcpack have been added. Also added other links if the first ones do not work for you.


1.Follow the link and skip the ad, then the google disk will open with the latest version of add-on.

2.Download the file and open it with minecraft.

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