[Survival] Mega Skyblock

Mega Skyblock is a bit bit extraordinary from the ordinary skyblock survival project as it includes fourteen exclusive islands (instead of just one) which the participant is required to go out and explore so as to finish the map. Each island is meant to represent a biome or a size and will provide you with new substances you may use to continue to exist.

Maps Creator: TheGamingCyclone,

How to play?

The player starts out on a skyblock island which includes only the most basic resources you’ll need to survive. Open the chest to find some items. Make sure to use them sparingly as there’s no way to get any of the items back if you lose or break them.

There are fourteen different islands and on each one you will be able to find new resources which are necessary for your survival.

Download Mega Skyblock Maps for Minecraft PE :

Mega Skyblock  .McWorld
Mega Skyblock  .ZIP

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