Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 1

Suspicious Potion Add-on (

File Name : Suspicious Potion Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.13
Manager : Team Infinite Minds
Date Create: 06/09/2019
Date Update: 06/09/2019
File size: 9.46 KB

This Add-on adds suspicious potions to your game! A potion that varies its effect depending on the item used to craft it. The suspicious potion are similar to Minecraft’s new suspicious stew, but with the longer effect durations!

How does it work?

Suspicious potions are made with flowers. The main item required for suspicious potion making is a brewing stand. The effect of suspicious potion will depend on the flower you use to craft it! Each flower you use to make the suspicious potion will make it have a different effect.

This Add-on works only from Minecraft (Beta) onwards, with the experimental gameplay enabled in the world. Here below are all the flowers and effects of the suspicious potions!

Flowers and Effects

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 2

  • Flower: Allium
  • Effect: Fire Resistance
  • Duration: 34s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 3

  • Flower: Azure Bluet
  • Effect: Blindness
  • Duration: 38s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 4

  • Flower: Blue Orchid/Dandelion
  • Effect: Saturation
  • Duration: 30.35

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 5

  • Flower: Cornflower
  • Effect: Jump Boost
  • Duration: 36s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 6

  • Flower: Lily of the Valley
  • Effect: Poison
  • Duration: 42s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 7

  • Flower: Oxeye Daisy
  • Effect: Regeneration
  • Duration: 38s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 8

  • Flower: Poppy
  • Effect: Night vision
  • Duration: 35s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 9

  • Flower: Tulips
  • Effect: Weakness
  • Duration: 39s

Suspicious Potion Add-on ( 10

  • Flower: Wither Rose
  • Effect: Wither
  • Duration: 38s


Click on “Download Add-on”, and check the captcha box “I’m not a robot”. Roll the screen down, and click on the “Click here to continue”. After that, wait 15 seconds and roll the screen down again. Now click on “Get Link”. Then just click the download button!

If you can’t download the Add-on, watch this video!

To activate in the world just activate the resource, which the behavior will be installed together. Or activate behavior, that the resource will also be installed together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don’t use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this page on MCPEDL!

Enable experimental gameplay in the world options for Add-on to work!

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