The Flash Addon (v7) 1

The Flash Addon (v7)

File Name : The Flash Addon (v7)
Game Verision: MCPE 1.12, 1.13
Date Create: 21/07/2019
Date Update: 10/08/2019
File size: 3.32 MB

Have you ever wanted to be superheroes in Minecraft. This is one of your willing to be the flash in mine-verse. It has a lot of powers and also, super-speed that no one can reach him. Be with me…

1-Crafting suits

The Flash Addon (v7) 2

The Flash Addon (v7) 3The Flash Addon (v7) 4

The Flash Addon (v7) 5

Gather the suits for crafting the activator ring.

2-crafting syring power

The Flash Addon (v7) 6The Flash Addon (v7) 7The Flash Addon (v7) 8The Flash Addon (v7) 9

First craft the empty syring and then craft them to get your powers. Just equip it on your hand to be activated.

3-crafting activator shield and ring

The Flash Addon (v7) 10The Flash Addon (v7) 11

With rings you can collect all of your suits and powers. Once you get it on your hand it activates and you wear your suit automatically and get the powers.

The Flash Addon (v7) 12The Flash Addon (v7) 13The Flash Addon (v7) 14

The Flash Addon (v7) 15

After using the powers you should bring them back to ring. And for getting all the rings use /function rings.

And also you need to make these for making the suits for first time. The crafting is all like normal armors.

The Flash Addon (v7) 16The Flash Addon (v7) 17The Flash Addon (v7) 18

Now I want to show you the FLASH TRIDENT with lightning power.

The Flash Addon (v7) 19The Flash Addon (v7) 20

Now I want to show you the EVIL GODSPEED FLASH. Yes your samespeed enemy. You can have his power syring from killing him. Yes you can’t craft it. Find it to get the godpower of speed.

And show you the evil blue flash

The Flash Addon (v7) 21

The Flash Addon (v7) 22The Flash Addon (v7) 23

Now I include some particles to it.

The Flash Addon (v7) 24

Test the powers on my map speedline.

The Flash Addon (v7) 25

You should be on v1.12 or 1.13

I have just test it on mcpe(android)

Don’t forget to enable experimental gameplay

The map is not for 1.12

Have fun playing in mineverse

1-fixing some bugs of the last version. I’m still fixing them.

Completed all the things that was broken. Now it is full.

I made some cloth that you should craft them for crafting suits. Changed the texture of the red flash.

Added new mobs for fighting with. THE GODSPEED EVIL FLASH. He is as speed as you. Kill him to have his powers.

Added new powers. The godspeed powers.

Added new mobs.

Fixed some bugs.

Added godspeed flash suit and ring. Crafting suits has some bug. I fixed them.

Have fun playing in mineverse

No more command feedback

New blue flash boss that I haven’ included the pic.

New particle when activating syring ang rings

Added a speedline on map to test your powers.

Added new evil to beat.

Added new weapon FLASH TRIDENT.

Fixed the armors crafting recipe.

Because of the bad featured image alot of people thinks that it just include mobs so I chanhed it.


First click on download link.

Then escape the recaptcha or write the code. Then you go to mediafire.

Download it and install it.

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