The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure]

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure]

File Name : The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure]
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Date Create: 22/02/2020
Date Update: 24/02/2020
File size: 34.2 MB

Welcome to The Lost Soul

This is our biggest map ever!!

The Lost Soul is a storymode game which contains an exciting story with Ingame (Soundtracks!)

The story is Talking about Saving Your sister from Unknown kidnappers!!! You will find so many challenges to reach to your sister… Enjoy!

In addition, This Game Contains 3 Chapters you have to complete it ; one of them is DIVERSITY CHAPTER which you to claim all The 5 Wools to unlock The Boss Fight Chapter!!!!

– Do Think That’s all???

Nope….  After You finish the map,you will be able to play it with a Special Survival Mode which you can discover all places and build your own buildings!!


1) Cinematic Cutscenes:

Once you enter The Game, Enjoy our Cinematic Cutscenes untill The Game Begins.. 

 Please Don’t Try To Skip The Cutscenes by Changing You Own Gamemode To creative.

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 1

2) Complete Your Objectives:

Enjoy the story by completing The Objectives in The Scoreboard.

If You Don’t Know Where is Your Objective location, Don’t worry… Use Your Compass to know where should you go

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 2
The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 3

3) Voice Conversations:

This is our best feature!!

Some objectives need to meet some characters and speak to him

How To This? All what you have to do is Standing on the Emerald Block in front of The Character.

Then Enjoy The Characters Conversation which you can listen The ARABIC Dubbing or read The English subtitle in the chat!!

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 4
The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 5

4) Pvp Stages:

Enjoy out PVP stages which are contains 3 WAVES from different monsters such as (zombies, wither skeleton, ravagers…..)

Don’t Worry if you Die…. You will be able to respawn in The Same arena each time you have been killed.

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 6

5) Diversity CHAPTER:


What Is Diversity??

Diversity is a huge map for Java EDITION which contains many different minigame stages like (Parkour , dropper , Find The Button , Quiz……..). Each time you win a stage, you will claim a special wool you have to put it in the right place to activate another stage.

But now you can play it in BEDROCK EDITION!!!

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 7
The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 8
The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 9

6) System Requirements:


2GB RAM50 MB Storage8 Render DistanceMinecraft bedrock edition 1.14.2 or higher


  • 4GB
  • 50MB Storage
  • 12 Render Distance 
  • Minecraft bedrock edition 1.14.2 or higher 


7) After The Story Ends:

Enjoy our Special Survival mode after you end the story 

Explore our World and build your own buildings in SYRVANIA.

You can play this mode With your friends.

The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 10

Story Mode Is a Single Player Mode Don’t play it with your friends 

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The Lost Soul (Diversity MCPE) [Adventure] 11

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