The Ruby Blade Addon 1

The Ruby Blade Addon

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This my first ever addon and I really hope you enjoy it! Please Rate it if you feel I have done a good job. It took me a very long time to figure it all out.

The Sword is very powerful and it gives you the speed effect too. It does not replace any of the old swords and is not in the creative menu. It can be obtained via commands, crafting(see below for recipe) or if your lucky you can find it in a pillager outpost chest!

There are now rubies in the game and they replace emeralds because obviously they are better. There are Blocks of Ruby, Ruby Ore and the pure Ruby!

The Ruby Blade Addon 2

These are the four new items!

The Ruby Blade Addon 3

You have to use ruby blocks because it’s such a powerful weapon.

The Ruby Blade Addon 4

This is the command to obtain it.

The Ruby Blade Addon 5

Make sure experimental gameplay is on or else it won’t work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 (beta)
1.14 (beta)

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