Travel Bag Mod

Travel Bag Mod

File Name : Travel Bag Mod
Game Verision: MC 1.14.4
Manager : Corail_31
Date Create: 08/08/2019
Date Update: 31/12/2019
File size: 81.34 KB

Travel Bag offers us the possibility of increasing the transport capacity of our character, manufacturing and linking travel bags to our character’s inventory. These travel bags, or backpacks, can be dyed with any of the game’s default dyes and can be delighted to improve their performance.

These bags are manufactured in a really simple way, placing a unit of yarn in the central box, surrounding it with leather on a crafting table. Once manufactured, the travel bag must be placed in a new space that appears in the upper left area of ​​the graphic interface of our character’s inventory. We can see example in the image below.

Travel Bag Mod 1
Travel Bag Mod 2
Travel Bag Mod 3


This mod allows you to craft some Travel Bags :

Travel Bag Mod 4

You can define custom recipes for the color

Travel Bag Mod 5

How to use

Theses bags can be opened directly from your inventory by right-clicking them :

Travel Bag Mod 6

NB : The items that shouldn’t be stored in the bag can be defined by adding them in the config blacklist.

Travel Bag Mod 7

 this icon tranfers all items to the player inventory,it’s just to help you if you need to move them fast (if the player inventory is full, they will be put on ground, could be changed later based on suggestions (but some players use this button for storage system).

Behavior with Curios

If you use the mod Curios on the same time, you can use the custom slots to put your bags in :3

Travel Bag Mod 8

Behavior with Tombstone

If you use the mod Tombstone, you can upgrade the bag to be larger by consuming a soul over a grave :

Travel Bag Mod 9
Travel Bag Mod 10
Travel Bag Mod 11

Support JEI

mainly for the subtype interpreter

Travel Bag Mod 12

How to install Travel Bag Mod

  • Download  Minecraft Forge
  • Download  API Curios
  • Download Travel Bag Mod
  • Double click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded «API Curios» file into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • Paste the downloaded file from the mod into the .minecraft / mods folder
  • It’s time to use the travel bags offered by this mod!

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