Ural 4320 Addon 1

Ural 4320 Addon

File Name : Ural 4320 Addon
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : Mcfl0wer
Date Create: 18/02/2020
Date Update: 18/02/2020
File size: 179.41 KB

Meet heavy and very big Russian truck – Ural 4320. It’s a great new way to get around in the world of Minecraft if you’re tired of walking and it can carry up to 5 players!

• Car info

A 6 × 6 dual-purpose off-road truck manufactured at the Urals Automobile Plant in Miass, including for use in the armed forces in the “Land” family of unified army vehicles until 1998.

• Addon info

This car has 27 slots for items, medium speed and it can carry up 2 players at cabin and 3 players inside the body.

You will get 4 types of this truck:


Ural 4320 Addon 2


Ural 4320 Addon 3

Open body

Ural 4320 Addon 4

Police (omon) 

Ural 4320 Addon 5

• Summon commands

/summon ural:4320_green

/summon ural:4320_camo

/summon ural:4320_open

/summon ural:4320_police

Special thanks to Jimmy Harrison for the request

Send car addon requests at [email protected]

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