Vatonage Modpack 1

Vatonage Modpack

File Name : Vatonage Modpack
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14
Manager : iEmotionless
Date Create: 02/03/2020
Date Update: 02/03/2020
File size: 1.67 MB

Vatonage Modpack is a lightweight, vanilla-like modpack that adds 111 mobs, 624 weapons, and 6 blocks. All the features act similarly to vanilla, so it is straightforward to get started!

All these addons were created by me, I will update this pack with additional addons after I create them.

Quick Tutorial

  • If you see an entity that looks like a quartz pedestal with a golden ball on top, throw valuable resources on it to spawn mobs, to find all the spawning rules check out the ritual magic mod page
  • You can craft swords using any pattern of certain materials, to learn more about crafting swords check out the tinkers awakening mod page
  • aether islands naturally spawn in the sky, to learn more check out the aether addon mod page
Vatonage Modpack 2
Vatonage Modpack 3
Vatonage Modpack 4
Vatonage Modpack 5


enable experimental mode for all features

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