Wizards! Add-on

Wizards! Add-on

File Name : Wizards! Add-on
Game Verision: MCPE 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11
Manager : mno
Date Create: 22/07/2019
Date Update: 12/02/2020
File size: 1.08 MB

For anyone that needs a bit of ZAP in their Minecraft lives, we now have … Wizards! If you thought witches were cool (and who doesn’t) well, these guys will most happily set them on fire. You too, if you happen to be in the way.

Update1: Added an evil wizard (bwaaahahaha), a drinking animation, and more sound effects.

Update2: More sound effects to both wizards (the evil wizard sounds seriously evil, you’ve been warned!)

You can find these pyromaniac devils in swamps, if you’re lucky, daylight hours (they’re a bit scared of the dark). They like emeralds, quite a bit, so if you’d like them on your team be prepared to pay up. Just ‘tame’ them like you would a pig or tiger or a Keeper Creeper and they’ll be yours for life.

They will attack ANY hostile mob. They’re not the least bit fussy. But if one gets too close they’ll run for it, and resume their fireball shenanigans once they’ve reached minimum safe distance.

You can heal them with their favorite foods – pumpkins and baked potatoes. They’ll also quaff down a healing potion if they’re a little under the weather.

And then there’s the evil wizards! These horrors also spawn in swamps (when it’s dark) and in forests (also when it’s dark; spooky). Hostile to anything neutral or peaceful or looks like … you.

Wizards! Add-on 1

Wizards! Add-on 2

Added evil wizards, fixed a few minor issues, added animations, sound fx.

Added some new sounds for both wizards; the evil wizard now has unique (and evil) sounds.


  1. Download the mcaddon file and double-click it to install
  2. Minecraft should open and two packs (behavior and resource) should import.
  3. Create a new world (or click the pencil icon next to an existing world).
  4. Click ‘Resource Packs’ and select Wizard, press the plus button. This will add both the resource and the behavior packs to your game.
  5. Click ‘Play’
  6. Enjoy!

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