XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 1

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update)

File Name : XM Guns Add-on 5.0
Game Verision:
Manager : DISTANT星梦
Date Create: 01/11/2019
Date Update: 28/11/2019
File size: 1.88 Mb

I made this addon to share with all players. You can play csgo and pubg in Minecraft. Adds 18 guns 5 bombs to the games. This is a particularly technical addon. Why do I say this?


  • Real shotgun (more bursts per shot,scattered trajectory)
  • Real m16a4 (three bursts per shot)
  • Real rpg
  • Bubble gun! (very beautiful)
  • Flame gun (fire!)
  • Laser gun
  • Electromagnetic gun (this world will be destroyed)
  • Fiying diamond sword
  • Etc…..
  • All guns can be shot like a snowball and egg through the touch screen.
  • All guns have cooldown time

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 2

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 3

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 4

How to get they

/function xm    can get all items


  • /give @p gun:scar
  • /give @p gun:s686
  • /give @p gun:kar98k
  • /give @p gun:taser
  • /give @p gun:aug
  • /give @p gun:m16a4
  • /give @p gun:m1897
  • /give @p gun:awm
  • /give @p gun:ak47
  • /give @p gun:uzi
  • /give @p gun:m249
  • /give @p gun:deagle
  • /give @p gun:laser
  • /give @p gun:bat
  • /give @p gun:dsword
  • /give @p gun:bubble
  • /give @p gun:flame
  • /give @p gun:p90
  • /give @p bomb:rpg
  • /give @p bomb:coin
  • /give @p bomb:pumpkin
  • /give @p bomb:moon_cake
  • /give @p bomb:peace
  • /give @p xm:parachute
  • /give @p ammo:smg 64
  • /give @p ammo:rpg 64
  • /give @p ammo:machine 64
  • /give @p ammo:shotgun 64
  • /give @p ammo:rifle 64
  • /give @p ammo:pistol 64
  • /give @p ammo:sniper 64

display system

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 5


The first time enter the archive,will get a book.

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 6

loading system

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 7

New content

  • add m249
  • add bat dart
  • add pumpkin grenade
  • add ammo_rpg and machine
  • new flame thrower texture

XM Guns Add-on 5.0 (Create Bar Update) 8

What version can be played

Will only support the official version 1.12.x

Some beta versions can play and some can’t play. Test yourself

Want to get the latest news

tiwtter distant星梦

  1. Fixed an issue that cannot be used in multiplayer online
  2. New display system
  3. New loading system
  4. New readme
  5. Removed ui
  6. Added p90 and parachute
  1. add m249
  2. add bat dart
  3. add pumpkin grenade
  4. add ammo_rpg and machine
  5. new flame thrower texture


  1. Download addon
  2. Make sure you turn experimental gameplay
  3. Apply the Addon to your world
  4. Have fun


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