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YJAV’s Custom Tweaks

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YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 

Is a Texture Pack that adds Tweaks or changes to some of the original textures.
¡Keep in mind that this is my first texture pack and that it’s a work in progress!

 Important changes: 

• The pack adds complete changes to almost all of the most used tools in the game, like Pickaxes and Swords to look better, and they are borderless!

YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 2

• The Bows and Crossbows have a mechanism that shows you with colors how much is left for the animation to end.

YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 3
YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 4
YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 5

• All armor pieces have a completely changed look!

YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 6
YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 7
YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 8
YJAV’s Custom Tweaks 9

 Other Changes: 

– All the flowers have some minor tweaks to their aspect.

– Some of the food items have completely changed like the Pork chops, others have some changes like the apples and some have new textures that don’t look so good like the cooked potatoes, and these will change in the future.

– Some logs have some minor changes in the colors originally used, and now look a bit better.

– Iron doors now look more dark and have iron bars. (The iron door texture is from ALittleTasteOfJerm pack but modified)

– Some blocks have completely changed and some have some tweaks in them.

– There’s a new cute painting! (Original drawing done by SquareofTheLightOnes on Twitter)

– Some utility tables like the Crafting Table have completely changed or have some minor changes and details.Select version for changelog:  1.0.2 1.0.1 Changelog

– Minor details added to some armor sets!

– Now Crossbows and Bows have a completely different look, they look cooler now!


“YJAV’s Custom Tweaks” = Complete pack.

The other ones are specific packs.

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